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This project would not have been possible without the persistent efforts of a few key people. I would like to give kudos to the following people for making this project possible:

  • Jon Lennart Aasenden — thanks for Smart Mobile Studio, it's saved me from a lot of javascript code! ;)
  • Christian Budde — thanks for your persistent contributions in various open source projects;
  • Eric Grange — thanks for your additions to SMS, including the WebGL wrappers;
  • Michael Hansen — thanks for introducing me to CFDG and for helping me out on my various projects;
  • Chris Coyne — the inventor of the CFDG language;
  • Alex Denisov — thanks for Graphics32 and for teaching me about code conventions;
  • Nils Haeck — truly one of the most prolific programmers out there;
  • Andre Beckedorf — thanks for all the feedback on Twitter ;)
  • — thanks for a nice Drupal theme;
  • Tor & Maral — thanks for our creative dialogues and for giving me challenging assignments.


Mattias Andersson