ANN: Launch of 0.1 BETA!

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ANN: Launch of 0.1 BETA!

Dear fellow modelers,

We're happy to announce -- a completely new approach towards 3D modeling!

After more than a year in development, we present a webbrowser-based solution to serve as a means to an end for creative professionals to realize their next stunning design ideas.

While implemented as a web application, provides a lot of features that are typically found only in higher-end scientific modeling software:

  • Build procedural models through a simple, yet advanced, modeling language;
  • Use adjustment operators for rotating, scaling and translating your objects;
  • Add advanced lighting effects using WebGL-based shader programs;
  • Animate your models in real-time, by using simple transformation rules;
  • Perform skeletal animation with separate transformations attached to each bone;
  • Upload your own textures and extract weight parameters for easy texture mapping;
  • Share your designs with everyone and explore the existing repository to get inspired!

Let's hope this will be the start of a journey where you will find the opportunity to realize that next creative idea of yours.


Mattias Andersson