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Some general info


I am going to update the site with new tutorials and a more thorough introduction the coming week.

Just thought I'd give you some basic guidelines about creating new projects:

  • A new project is created by clicking "new project" in the top right menu for authenticated users;
  • The first screen gives you a lot of details to fill in about the project. Basically you can skip most of this, except title, and click save (all of it can be adjusted later on);
  • The new project will not be visible to other users until it is published -- you can publish it at any point you like;
  • It's a good idea to copy the code from an existing project in order to learn what can be done;
  • The buttons in the bottom right corner of the modeler is "refresh", "save", "show editor", "show parameters" and "full screen";
  • You need to click the refresh button when you've made changes to the code in order to recompile and refresh the model.